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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm Back!

Temp: -8°C
Sunlight - 13.57 hours

I know, I know - the Blog hasn’t been updated in a week. Trust me I’ve had no lack of reminders. Truth is there just hasn’t been much to write about lately.

The days are getting longer, but that’s no surprise. With the change in time last night, it will likely stay light out till about midnight within a week or two. It seems as though the time has come to cover the windows – at least in the bedroom. It’s impossible to sleep with all that bright light coming in on you.

The weather steadily improves too. The temperatures are getting warmer by the day. These are the real fun times if you own a snowmobile or like to go ice fishing. Both of those could be in the plans for us depending on the availability of equipment…and time.

I spend most of yesterday flying. I had my first flight as navigator. It went ok, but it’s clear that I need quite a bit of practice. We did some low level flying near the Richardson Mountains. The sights were awesome. Unfortunately, as navigator, I didn’t really have any time for pictures. Maybe next time.

Lorie and I walked the dog around Boot Lake a few times this week as well. With the sunlight extending well into the evenings now, we find that there’s more time and more desire to do outdoor things after work. That’s good because it’s good exercise and lots of fun too.

As well, this week saw the installation of our NWT license plate. The polar bear shape is one of the most recognizable license plates in the world as far as I know. Auto insurance is cheaper here too. We are paying just over half of what we were back in Newfoundland. It’s good to know that there are some breaks on some things up here. Potatoes are one of them, unfortunately. Lorie bought ten pounds of potatoes today for the low, low price of twenty dollars. That’s no fun!

I’m reading a book on the Yukon Quest Dogsled Race. It’s one of the books Lorie bought me for Christmas. It a complete account of the race that was run in 2003. This 1650 kilometer dogsled race runs between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks Alaska every winter. It’s an extreme test of the endurance of human and dog alike. It’s pretty exciting stuff and you sure hear lots of talk of the various races up here. It’s the sport of the North.



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