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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All About Adventure

Temp: -20°C
Sunlight - 12.25 hours

It seems like everyone I know is developing grandiose plans for adventures this summer. Everyone, that is, except me. There are talks of grand canoeing and kayaking trips up and down the Mackenzie. Plans for skiing trips from Tuk to Inuvik this spring. Plans for 100 kilometre hiking trips. I guess the big question I have is how are these folks going to do this stuff with all the mosquitoes and black flies. Apparently there are lots of them here. Anyone who knows me knows that mosquitoes and black flies drive me mad. It will be curious to see how well I cope. Lots of fly spray and a good bug jacket I dare say.

It’s Tuesday night and that means Scotch at the Finto. We usually head out for this treat. There’s always a crowd there and, more and more, we are coming to recognize people and they recognize us too. It seems that we are beginning to get to know many of the people in the community.

In that regard there seems to be a very reserved aggression in this town. It seems that you clearly know which people like which other people, and likewise, which people do not like which other people. You can tell, but there’s never really much said about it. Let’s face it, in a town of this size, if you have it out with someone, you’ll be seeing them again later that day, and tomorrow, and the day after. And that’s where the reserved part comes in. It’s a weird vibe.

And I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that Lorie passed her firearms safety tests. This means that she can get her firearms license, and eventually apply for hunting licenses. That will be of value the year after next when we qualify for big game licenses. It will be of even greater value if we ever end up in Newfoundland again, where licenses are much more scarce.



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