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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Belt of Logic

Temp: -18°C
Sunlight – 14.1 Hours

Well I think I have finally figured out something that I have been wondering about for a while now. Just what exactly is the purpose of a belt anyway? Obviously women wear them for fashion purposes. Well I have never really been into fashion. I know that some people use them to hold up their pants. My solution to that, like a true Industrial Engineering professional, is to simply buy pants of the correct size. So what exactly is the purpose of this strip of leather with a bit of metal on one end – these things that have been given to me as gifts on countless birthdays and Christmases and such?

Thirty-three years old and it took living in the north before I finally figured this one out. Everyone up here carries folding tools (you know, the ones with the pliers and all the other little bits and pieces), and knives, and various other survival implements with them at all times. But where to put all these things? To carry them in your pockets is dangerous and impractical – your pants would fall down – umm, unless you are wearing a belt. But wait! If you are wearing a belt, why not hang the nineteen kilos of hardware of the darn belt! After all, these various knives and folding tools all have little loops in their sheaths that coincidently fit very nicely with a belt.

So this little nugget of wisdom slapped me across the face sometime yesterday. Now I too, carry a folding tool with me everywhere I go. One never knows when one will have to perform emergency on a snowmobile, or oneself. More satisfying, I finally have a use for all those belts I have collect over the years. Some of them are out of fashion – but then, I have never really been into fashion anyway.

I know most people are probably tired of reading this, but it is really strange to have a perfectly sunlit sky at 11PM. There! I won’t mention it again – for a few days at least. I promise.



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