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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back at the Helm...

Hi Folks:

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog and recently I have been thinking about changing that. Time is the issue of course. It's not like I don't have things to talk about! We have lived here for more than five years now, and there have been plenty of experiences worthy of a blog posting. It's time to share those experiences, and to end the posting drought.

When I first started writing this blog (and it's predecessor), the concept of blogging was relatively new. Now six years hence, it is still a popular source of posting on the Internet, and I have to say that that surprises me a little. Sure there are lots of new methods of web publishing, most notably all things wiki - pedias, leaks and whatnot, facebook, twitter, etc., etc., but blogging remains a popular method. So there is no danger of not being relavent. At least for now.

Unlike the past, methods and systems are no longer the challenge in publishing one's thoughts. The media is here, and virtually free for all (even in the Arctic, where precious little is free). No, the challenge these days is time. It seems that the more technology and "time saving" devices invade our lives, the less time we actually have. And that is a very curious phenomena indeed!

But some things are important enough to find the time, and lately I have been thinking that writing this blog is one of those things. So, I will try my best to find the time to write this blog on a regular basis (who am I kidding, semi-regular basis at best!)

If the media is relevant, and more importantly, if the content is relevant to you, leave a comment. If not, leave a comment saying that. If you have questions or suggestions, let me know.

While most of the posts in the future will be based on living, working and playing in the Arctic, there's plenty of things on the go in the world that beg comment. Most recently the disaster in Japan, the situation in Libya, Egypt, and plenty of others. I'll try not to get too political, not only because I find the subject essentially uninteresting, but mostly because opinions and debates about politics often get out of hand way too quickly. That said, I have definite opinions on most subjects, so when I say that I will attempt not to get too political, I will try, but I cannot guarantee.

Cheers for now, and I promise I will be back soon with something a little more interesting to say.



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